Wild and playful Minkpink

By Trendmill | 07 May 2019 in Style Feed

Wild, playful and irreverent, the MinkPink clothing team bring together high-end designs, current trends, street style and vintage pieces to create accessible fashion that bursts with personality and style.

Laidback and flirty-fun

From boho-chic maxi dresses to sunglasses and printed bikinis, MinkPink celebrates laidback days and flirty-fun youth.

Minkpink’s latest clothing collection

With versatile collections made for mixing and matching, explore Minkpink’s latest collection of dresses, pants and rompers for the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Minkpink adapts a philosophy that blends a love of vintage with some of the hottest trends to create go-to dresses, swimwear, and skirts.


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